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Tracking Units


GKD offers a full tracking unit ensuring optimized tracking of the filter cloth on belt presses, belt filters and linear screens. The GKD Tracking Valve is designed to control the tracking of pressure belts, linear screen cloths, belt filter cloths, or any other belt that may wonder during operation. The valve has a SENSOR ROD or paddle that is coated with a durable ceramic layer of 7mm thickness. The CERAMIC coating protects the paddle from wearing away prematurely and can be rotated to give maximum life.

Under the influence of the most powerful force of in the world, “GRAVITY“, the paddle is allowed to hang against the edge of the belt at an angle of 16 degrees which is the neutral position. There is a backlash (tolerance) built into the valve to allow for small belt edge inaccuracies which amounts to approximately 2.5 degrees on either side of the neutral position. The valve is designed to correct side-way drift of the belt both to the left and right of centre.

The valve is activated by compressed air that operates a double acting cylinder or pair of bellows. Bellows are the standard, owing to their simplicity, long life and zero maintenance. These bellows pivot the designated tracking conveyor roller, thus guiding the belt. There is an adjustable restrictor screw in the exhaust of the valve to minimize the sensitivity of the system. Oiling is not necessary.

The entire valve is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and PTFE plastic. Connection is by means of Ø 8mm or 1/4” BSP Thread push-in instant fittings. The total mass of the valve body is 922 grams. The maximum operating pressure is 10 bar / 145 psi.

GKD also offers the tracking unit components separately which includes:

  • Tracking valve and paddle
  • Tracking unit cover
  • Bellows
  • Sliders
  • Filter regulator
  • Moisture trap and oiler


  • High quality materials used in fabrication
  • Superior quality
  • Outlasts expected service life

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