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Filter cloths

Filter Press Cloth

Filtration equipment is used in a huge variety of different applications, from de-watering of mining slurries to blood plasma purification.  For these filtration processes the correct material type and fit of filtration cloths needs to be selected. GKD offers filter cloths for optimum performance for virtually any application from our extensive range of filter fabrics.

GKD filter cloths are made of various yarn compositions such as Polypropylene, Polyester and Polyamide (including Rilsan), woven with monofilaments, multifilaments, spun yarn or combined yarns to offer the ideal filtration solution for the filtering of liquids and forming of cakes in the different applications, including acidic or alkaline conditions at high temperatures.  Because these cloths are hand-made in our sewing department, any size and fit of filter cloth required by our customers can be tailored.


  • Wide selection of material and composition types
  • Specialized material types for applications with chemical attack and high temperatures during operation
  • Customized filter cloths for equipment specific applications
  • Technical staffing for optimization
  • Filter bags in various shapes and sizes
  • Cloth installation service

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