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Micro-screening in waste water treatment

Optimised filter media for ultrafine filtration

Increasing requirements on capacity, cleaning performance as well as cost and energy efficiency are characteristic of the situation in sewage treatment plants worldwide. The result is a growing demand for mechanical wastewater cleaning. The standard filter devices used for this application are disc filters. Whether for downstream filtration of raw sewage, treatment of circulating water or process water for the industry or during the production of drinking water for prefiltration prior to membrane separation: the reliable separation of ultrafine particles is an absolute prerequisite for trouble free operation. Operating companies and plant manufacturers face ever-increasing challenges concerning the size of the particles to be separated and the residual solids content. Many applications require filtration rates up to 10 ?m. The optimized Dutch Weaves (ODW) made by GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG, are becoming more and more important here. These surface filtration media allow the internationally leading manufacturer of technical meshes from metals and other weavable materials to offer a successful key to significantly improve flow quality and efficiency of sewage treatment plants.

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