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Maxflow optimizes cleansing of cooling lubricants

Convincing compact filter system including briquetting

The aerodynamic properties of a vehicle are not the only decisive factor for the petrol or diesel consumption of a car. The design of the fuel injection nozzles inside the motor is also crucial. They ensure optimal distribution and nebulization of the fuel in the combustion chamber through one to twelve nozzles each measuring only 0.2 mm2 – the more completely the fuel combusts, the greater the energy yield.

The injection nozzles are produced from steel and consist of various individual parts. The production of these components puts special demands on the manufacturer in terms of surface properties and dimension tolerances. An autoparts supply company that produces valve plates with various injection nozzles through fine-blanking and stamping requires a cooling lubricant oil as a working medium during precision finishing of the parts. The finished valve plates are lapped to ensure that the surface quality is optimal and the form fits precisely in compliance with micronic tolerances.

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