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Roller doors made of metal mesh: Secure and attractive

GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG presented an innovative, motorized roller shutter and door system made of metal mesh at Architect@Work in Copenhagen. Thanks to the transparency typical of metal mesh, this combines an attractive appearance with a high degree of functionality. The system is available in dimensions of up to eight meters wide and five meters high and offers a solution for a variety of applications that is both elegant and compact.

The roller shutters or doors made of translucent and air-permeable metal mesh can be deployed both outdoors and indoors and guarantee optimum ventilation as well as an unhindered view of the areas behind them. In particular, indoor areas can be segregated without compromising the overall visual impression. Moreover, individually adapted lighting concepts allow the transparency or opacity of the mesh to be optimally matched to the required application.

Despite its filigree look and feel, the stable construction prevents unauthorized access and protects against theft. This combination of elegance and robustness makes the innovative metal mesh roller shutters and doors the ideal choice for an unusually broad range of applications. Whether as a night shutter in shopping malls with large display windows, in the underground garages of hotels, transport buildings, office buildings or residential units, for entrances and exits to parking garages, at kiosks in stadiums or for separating access areas in industry or gastronomy, the functional and attractive system offers architects virtually unlimited possibilities.

Three different types of high-quality stainless steel mesh are available as a hanging element: the customer can select the GKD meshes Tigris, Lago or Sambesi in accordance with the desired degree of transparency. The all-in-one system consisting of mesh, motor, guide rails, end profiles and wall switches is perfectly matched and easy to install. Optimized lateral guides guarantee permanently quiet, smooth opening and closing. The external GfA drive with digital limit switches is designed for continuous operation. Furthermore, the fast raising and lowering of the elegant roller door enables a smooth traffic flow, while the integrated dead man’s control ensures the required safety when opening and closing. A light curtain is also optionally available to increase safety when used in public areas. The construction made of high-quality stainless steel and manufactured to European safety standards is practically maintenance-free and impresses through maximum reliability, even when used frequently.


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