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30. June 2018

Metal mesh: Luxury paired with sustainability

The luxurious spa area of the five-star Hotel Aguas de Ibiza was designed by the renowned Spanish interior designer Sara Folch from Barcelona. As an optical highlight she created room dividers from Lamelle stainless steel fabric from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG, which also serve to emphasize the hotel's sustainability concept.

The Hotel Aguas de Ibiza, situated on the beachfront promenade of Santa Eulalia, offers its guests pure luxury. All 112 rooms were designed according to the principles of Feng-Shui while three restaurants, three outdoor pools, and various gardens and patios invite guests to simply relax. No stay at the hotel is complete without a visit to its Revival Spa. Twelve areas covering over 1,500 square meters provide several saunas and rooms for exclusive facial and body treatments. The facilities are rounded off with a bar, fitness club, and beauty zone. The hotel combines this luxury with an ambitious sustainability concept, which it calls “eco luxury”. Part of this concept comprises room dividers in the spa made from shimmering stainless steel fabric from GKD. Over 19 square meters of fabric form ceiling-high wave-shaped constructions that separate the pool areas, creating intimate spaces for guests. The semitransparent Lamelle fabric nevertheless ensures that the areas are provided with sufficient daylight. At the same time, the large curves of the room dividers create an impression of visual openness. The color harmonizes with the tone of the stone floor, highlighting the elegant, calm atmosphere. A lighting strip integrated into the frame of the room divider emphasizes the woven texture with subtle light reflections that allow the fabric to communicate with the shining surface of the waterscape and tiles.

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