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23. April 2019

Filtration mesh: Setting trends in the water industry

The cost-effective and reliable treatment of process and wastewater combined with more stringent legal provisions in sewage and ballast filtration call for new processes, technologies, and products. With Optimized Dutch Weaves and Porometric mesh, GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG offers innovative solutions for the water industry.

The special weaving technique used for Optimized Dutch Weaves made from stainless steel achieves a pore size in line with the German Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering (IMVT) with selectivity from 6 to 100 µm. The weave with slot-shaped pores on the mesh surface and larger pores inside the mesh significantly increases the flow rate while retaining the same apertures. This makes the mesh suitable for different requirements in water, polymer, or gas filtration. With filtration rates in the micro-filtration range combined with high permeability and dirt holding capacity, for example, it impresses in the filtration of outlet water from sewage plants by preventing microplastics from entering urban waters. Long service life due to a low clogging tendency, good backwashability, and excellent release properties at an optimum backwashing rate make Optimized Dutch Weaves unparalleled in filter processes.
Porometric mesh is characterized by a three-dimensional slotted structure with rectangular pores. Despite the open design, it guarantees a high degree of stability. With selectivity from 13 to 170 µm and even better release properties than Optimized Dutch Weaves, Porometric sets new standards for tough requirements. As a hybrid construction with a pore opening of 15 µm or a saltwater-proof version with a 24 µm pore opening, the innovative mesh also fulfills extremely challenging tasks.

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