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Bandas de proceso

Sonneberg sewage treatment plant enjoys greater planning reliability for its belt press

GKD belt with integrated wear indicator a resounding success Sonneberg Waterworks in South Thuringia, located just a few miles from the Bavarian border, operate four sewage treatment plants for around 50,000 residents. The …

Tejidos arquitectónicos

GKD: A little closer to heaven

Golden metal mesh used as ceiling in the EUMETSAT canteen Commissioned by 30 member states of the European Union, the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) monitors the climate and weather. In light of climate change, the data …

Bandas de proceso

Greater reliability in cooling lubricant filtration

VACUBELT® filter belt sets new standards in central system of automotive supplier With its sophisticated product portfolio, the Schaeffler Group ranks among the world’s leading technology companies, specializing in precision components and systems …

Tejidos arquitectónicos

HASC: Top level occupational safety and emergency care

GKD metal mesh as mirror for an oil capital Great emphasis is placed on safety in Pasadena, a suburb of Houston, Texas. As America’s oil stronghold and home to NASA’s legendary Space Center, the region is famous for its particularly …

Bandas de proceso

Sludge dewatering with GKD

Sophisticated process belt technology increases efficiency As of 2003, spreading municipal sewage sludge on agriculturally used land has been banned. The reason: pollutants that might accumulate in the soil and transfer to the crops grown have become an uncalculated risk. The …

Bandas de proceso

CONDUCTO® 2203 sets new standards in carding

Optimal web forming and lower fibre penetration The demands on modern nonwovens for the hygiene industry and their manufacturing process are ever increasing. In addition to carefully selected raw materials and gentle fibre processing, a uniform basis weight, …

Bandas de proceso

The future belongs to wood pellets

IBV: Low-emission drying as decisive advantage for an efficient production Since their introduction in the German market about 10 years ago, the success of wood pellets has been remarkable. Roughly 720,000 t of pellets were produced during the first half of 2010 in …

Tejidos arquitectónicos

MahaNakhon – Bangkok’s new icon

Parking garage cladding made of metal mesh as a discreet companion Temples and dream beaches with turquoise-blue water make Thailand a sought-after destination for tourists from all over the world. The capital Bangkok, with a population of some nine million, is a …

Bandas de proceso

Energy-saving sugar beet pulp drying sweetens the production cost balance

Low temperature belt dryer with Conducto® belts in the sugar industry Beet sugar production is a seasonal business. In just four months of each year, large-scale industrial plants process about 1.6 million tons of sugar beet. After …

Bandas de proceso

Higher returns, lower costs: Digestate drying

Two thirds less residual moisture due to compact belt dryers with woven process belts Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important as substitute for fossil and nuclear energy sources. According to estimates by experts of the International Economic …

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